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The EACS Pressure Seal Range

EACS are leading suppliers of Pressure Sealing solutions to corporate and public sector organisations.
Pressure Seal is the latest concept of one-piece mailing documents and consists in its simplest application of A4 single sheet forms combined with a folder/sealing machine.
The move to laser technology over the past few years has prompted many organisations to reconsider the manner in which they process their confidential documentation – for example Pay Advices.


An alternative to the more conventional forms constructions, such as peel apart Security Advices or Data Mailers, had to be found.

The A4 forms have a special cohesive strip around the edges that is only activated by processing them through the folder/sealer. The forms are totally compatible with all types of laser and ink-jet printers.The forms can be personalised in the printer and are then folded and sealed in the pressure seal machine and simply put straight into the post. The folder/sealer can process the forms at speeds over 20,000 items per hour. The desktop entry level system folds and seals at around 2,500 per hour.

This system is ideal for many applications including payroll, cheques, statements, invitations and tickets.
EACS is an Inland Revenue approved printer.
If you want to know more or have a demonstration at your own premises to show how the Pressure Seal system can help your business.
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